Recent news


INSS-POL is not only the work. There will always be a place for BURGER.


On Saturday, May 20, a total of 6,000 people ran in a charity 5 x 5km run of the “Company Run”. There was also our steel team and her black horse - Pawel - with a score of 19 minutes. Congratulations on a very good result. We are hoping for a replay next year.


We are pleased to inform you that our company received a crisp statuette as a symbol of recognition from the Napoleon Project Management Group, Kellogg Polska and the European Governance Group for the contribution made to the successful startup of the K3 production line and the creation of a full supply chain in the first quarter of 2017.


Visit of Mikołaj Roznerski with TVN TV crew - Mikołaj, as he admitted in the program Kulisy Sławy-UWAGA! TVN, remember the work at INSS-POL as a good time.


Śnieżka the highest peak in the Karkonosze Mountains gained.


On 23.08.2016 took place the official farewell of Mrs. Roma Saganowska, the next day she went into well-deserved retirement.


A few photos of Pawel's sport competitions.


A moment of relax plus some adrenaline means a go-kart race.


We are pleased to inform you that at the beginning of 2016 INSS-POL Company has changed the headquarter address. Our new address is ul. Międzyleska 6A, Wrocław. In connection with this change production capacity has been increased. Currently our workshop has an area of 2,775 m2. We bought new machines and equipment so that our company can perform many jobs for everyone, even for the most demanding customer.


INSS-POL is in the process of modernization of an industrial facility (production hall) and an office building for the purpose of its new headquarters and production facility that will be located in the same area. The moving is planned by the end of 2015. The target area of the plot is almost doubled compared to the current one, and the surface of the production part is nearly four times larger (2775m2 against 740m2). This new facility will significantly increase the production capacity of the company. The office space will double as well.