General industry

INSS-POL prefabricates  the installation media, including tanks and terminals, as well aswhole
technological systems with automation . Passageways consisting of stairs, railings and bridges
maintenance, help our clients efficiently navigate among the installations.

Neutral Beam Injection at Waldenstein 7-X, Max Plank Institute, Greifswald Germany

Cooling system of reactor.

3M Wrocław Sp. z o.o. Wrocław Poland

Solvent Tank Farm - 3M factory in Wrocław

LG Electronics, Mława

Supply and installation of all utility system piping and exhaust air ducts

LG Philips LCD Module, Biskupice Podgórne

Supply and installation of all utility system piping

SKC EuroDisplay Sp. z o.o. Dzierżoniów

Supply and installation of the utility piping and erection of the tanks

NGK Ceramics Polska Sp. z o.o. Gliwice

Supply of water dosing devices and elements of technology plus workshop prefabrication

Assembly of an installation for the automatic weighing of raw material

ISOVER Polska, Gliwice

Installation works

SKY TOWER, Wrocław

Execution of cooling and water supply installation