Water. It is the basis of our daily diet. It is necessary for proper functioning of the organism.
Some people do not imagine drinking it in its pure form without any taste additives. Regardless
whether it flows from the tap or is a component of a beverage, before it gets into our glass it
undergoes cleaning processes . INSS-POL builds complete plants, pumping systems and tanks
thanks to which water flowing from the tap and from a beer barrel is suitable for drinking.

Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pruszków

Process piping in WTP Pruszków

Water Treatment Station, Bochnia

Modernization, extension and installation works

MPGWiK Wrocław

Assembly and welding of technological installations in water purification plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant Klimzowiec in Chorzów

modernization of effluent treatment station and effluent sediment management

Janówek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Wrocław

SEEN technology

Sewage Treatment Plant in BOSMAN BREWERY, Szczecin

Modernisation of the technological installation at the sewage treatment plant

Sewage Treatment Plant in WARKA BREWERY, Warka

Mechanical assembly and welding of pipelines and devices in the sewage treatment plant

Sewage Treatment Plant in Ostrzeszów, Siechnica, Sulęcin

Prefabrication of aeration parts for USF Schumacher Poland Ltd. - by order of LEWANT

Sewage Treatment Plant in KSIAZECY BREWERY, Tychy

Assembly of technological installations and devices produced by VIVENDI WATER SYSTEMS in the sewage treatment plant

Sewage Treatment Plant in ŻYWIEC BREWERY, Żywiec

Assembly of PAQUES technological installations and devices in the sewage treatment plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant Czajka in Warsaw

Modernisation and expansion of the Czajka Wastewater Treatment Plant in Warsaw, mechanical installation of equipment and pipe work for the first biological line.