Bleaches, protects enamel and refreshes breath... Toothpaste. Reinforces immunity, reduces
cholesterol, improves heart action... Vitamin F that is linseed oil esters. Our company took part
in construction and modernization of plants also in other factories in this industry.

Toothpaste Factory, Świdnica

Execution of process systems and service installations carried out on the construction site of the biggest European Colgate-Palmolive Toothpaste Factory

Zakład Produkcyjno-Badawczy POL-NIL Sp. z o.o. - Warszawa

Execution and assembly of the equipment produced by HUTLIN.
Execution of the central vacuum cleaning installation.
Delivery and assembly of the compressed air installation.

TERPOL S.A. (now: BAXTER TERPOL SP. Z O.O.) - Sieradz, Poland

Assembly and welding of sterile carbon steel and austenitic pipes (316 L ) - by order of TERPOL S.A. (now Baxter Terpol Sp. z o.o.)

HASCO LEK - Wroclaw, Poland

Assembly and welding of a demineralized water loop.
Assembly of a water pipeline system, stainless-steel construction elements and insulation.

JELFA S.A. - Pharmaceutical Company

Assembly and welding of technological installations and a machinery connector.
Assembly works of the technological equipment in modernized tablets departments.

PLIVA Krakow, Pharmaceutical Company S.A.

Assembly and welding of a technological steam and condense installation (2004)

BAXTER - TERPOL SP. Z O.O. - Chociw, Poland

Assembly of stainless steel technological installations (1999-2003).


Assembly of a technological steam and condense installation (2003).

BIOTEST Dreieich GmbH

Assembly and welding of pipelines and installation of a blood fractioning unit - by order of LURGI TPS AG Bubendorf (2001)