Tasty and healthy dairy products are manufactured in sterile conditions. Before any yoghurts,
cheeses or kefirs get to our tables, milk undergoes various processes. Depending on the final
effect, it can be exposed to thermal processing, be blended with other components, spin-dried...
INSS-POL builds and installs tanks, complete process systems and entire pipeline plants.

Arla Foods Videbaek, Denmark

Process installations

Arla Foods Deutschland GmbH Pronsfeld, Deutschland

Installation of completely new spry dryer.

CSK Food Enrichment Leeuwarden, Holland

Modernization and extension works in a plant producing the dairy ingredients.

Freisland Campina DMV Veghel, Holland

assembly - welding work in the dairy factory

Friesland Campina Lochem, Holland

steam and dirty water system, CIP assembly and disassembly, assembly work in the filtration room

Lakeland, Ireland

assembly and welding work in spray dryer in Baillieborough

Arla Foods, Denmark

ducts and chambers – installation work, assembly and installation of evaporator

Emmi, Switzerland

welding and assembly work