Our products:
  • Pressure vessels compliant with Directive 2014/68/EU and ASME,
  • Reactors,
  • Mixers,
  • Valve and Pump Systems,
  • Pump and piping systems that are part of process plants,
  • Heat exchangers,
  • Steel structures such as platforms, stairs, balustrades,
  • Complete SKID installations.

Welding technology:
  • TIG, MAG,
  • TIG orbital welding of pipelines,
  • Automatic welding of tanks.

Assembly and welding of:
  • Stainless steel structures,
  • Stainless steel technological pipelines,
  • Stainless steel process equipment,
  • Stainless steel valves,
  • Stainless steel process systems.

Qualitative testing services:
Visual inspection of welds with the use of endoscopes:

We use Olympus endoscopes as a way of checking the weld seam rims in places which are difficult to access (mainly pipes). Pictures and films from endoscopic checks are attached to the as-built documentation.

Spectroscope testing:

We use Brucker equipment to confirm the chemical composition and specify the grade of materials used. Tests are performed in accordance with relevant technological standards.

for mechanically formed T-outlets up to SCH40 pipes

T-DRILL TEC-220 is a highly powerful collaring machine for up to SCH40 pipes. The TEC-220 forms mechanically extruded outlets directly on run pipes up to 813 mm (32”). The machine is suitable for branching all malleable materials (Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper & Copper-Nickel).

The entire process from pilot hole milling to a complete, trimmed branch outlet of max. ⌀219,1mm (8”) can be performed on a single workstation in three automatic work cycles. Pilot hole milling and collaring are easily controlled by an operation panel.



Production plant area: 2700 m2

Storage areas:
  • Indoor warehouse: 600 m2,
  • Outdoor warehouse: 1 500 m2.

Warehouse management is carried out using an up-to-date management software.

Our capacity:
  • Metal sheets approx. 160 T/year
  • Pipelines approx. 40 thousand m/year
  • Steel structures approx. 95 T/year
ISO standards and norms:
  • Management systems: ISO9001:2015, SCC
  • Manufacturing Certificates: EN1090 EXC3, ISO3834, AD 2000 Merkblatt, ASME, PED, UDT, TDT


Surface roughness tests:

We perform this testing using a device by Diavite.

Tests of paint layer thickness:

Measurements are carried out with a measuring device made by Metrison.

Chemical treatment:

Our chemical treatment station enables us to carry out etching, passivation and the process of steel washing.

We create quality documentation including:
  • Welding documentation,
  • NDT,
  • As-built documentation “copy in red”,
  • Material attestations,
  • CE marking,
  • Declarations of conformity.


Our partners in the electrical, control and automation industries:

We work with partner entities in the field of electrical assembly, automation and control, including installations assembled by us and their commissioning.

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